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Ian Hunter On Track

Every Album, Every Song

G. Mick Smith
UK retail price: £16.99
US retail price: $22.95

As well as his time in Mott The Hoople, Ian Hunter has had a long and adventurous solo career. In this book, we unlock the secrets behind every lyric, riff, and melody. From the soul-stirring anthems that defined an era to the hidden gems that eluded the spotlight, we leave no chord unheard. It is an immersive voyage into the evolution of a songwriter extraordinaire, as we explore the stories, inspirations, and the mind of the creative maverick that brought these songs to life. With a mix of anecdotes, in-depth analyses, and a touch of rockstar charisma, this book isn't just a collection of pages, it's a front-row seat to Hunter's musical legacy.

Whether you've been inspired by ‘All The Young Dudes’ since its debut or you're just discovering the magic of the Defiance series, Hunter’s music has become the soundtrack to so many people’s lives. It’s a deep dive into the heart and soul of Hunter's almost unparalleled musical journey. This book will appeal to all casual or diehard fans of Mott The Hoople's legendary frontman, making it the ultimate backstage pass Hunter fans have been waiting for.

The Author

G. Mick Smith, PhD, The Doctor of Digital, is a consultant and recovering academic. He is the Chief Digital Officer at The Doctor of Digital Podcast and Smith Consulting, having formerly been an Executive Region Director and Campus Dean. Smith earned a PhD in the History of Religions from UCLA, and nine certificates in executive management and educational technology. Mick currently resides far from the madding crowd in sunny California, enjoying his parent's first new car, a 1957 Buick Special. He co-hosts The Aftermath Podcast, and wrote Burning America: In The Best Interest Of The Children?

Number of Pages: 160
Number of colour pictures: 47
ISBN: 9781789523041
Ebook ISBN:
UK retail price: £16.99
US retail price: $22.95


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