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The Human League on Track

Every Album, Every Song

Andrew Darlington
UK retail price: £15.99
US retail price: $22.95

Sheffield in the late-1970s was isolated from what was happening in London in the same way that Liverpool had been in 1963. A unique generation of electro-experimental groupings evolved in the former Steel City around Cabaret Voltaire and The Future. The Future split into two factions, Clock DVA and The Human League, the latter splitting into two further factions - Heaven 17 and The Human League as we now know them, fronted by Philip Oakey with Joanne Catherall and Susan Sulley.

Dare became one of the most iconic albums of the eighties; the album by which The Human League are most instantly recognised. It is an ambitious record, both driven and voracious, with giddy grenades of inventiveness. A triumph of content over style, at once phenomenally commercial and gleefully avant-garde.

The American success of ‘Don’t You Want Me’, accelerated by the high-gloss video, which exploited the band’s visual appeal, heralded what was soon termed the ‘second British invasion’. It was the first of two singles by the band to top the US charts.

This book tells the full story, from the scene’s origins in Sheffield, through the full arc of the very early Heaven 17 albums and the complete Human League discography into the twenty-first century.

The Author

Andrew Darlington watched the very first episode of Dr Who and he also watched the most recent episode. Whatever academic potential he may once have possessed was wrecked by an addiction to loud rock ‘n’ roll and cheap science fiction, which remain the twin poles of what he laughingly refers to as his writing career. He is most proud of his parallel universe collection A Saucerful Of Secrets. His latest book is The Hollies on track (Sonicbond, 2021) and his writing can be found at Eight Miles Higher via

Number of Pages: 176
Number of colour pictures: 47
ISBN: 9781789521863
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UK retail price: £15.99
US retail price: $22.95


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