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Hawkwind On Track (revised edition)

Every album, Every song

Duncan Harris
UK retail price: £15.99
US retail price: $22.95

Always enigmatic and outside of the mainstream, most people associate Hawkwind with 'whoosh' noises, ‘Silver Machine’, Lemmy and 'Space Rock' music. From the beginning, Hawkwind have been trailblazers, even when they have explored blind alleys, and have never been afraid to innovate and mutate. The band have a unique history in the world of rock music, inspiring not just other bands but also an entire sub-genre of music: stoner rock. Hawkwind's stated aim was to be a substitute for mind-expanding drugs. Instead, they used music, poetry, lights, projections, theatre and dance in an assault on the senses. Albums such as XIn Search Of Space and Warrior On The Edge Of Time as well as classic live album Space Ritual set a template for their astonishing take on rock music.

This book is a track-by-track analysis of every studio album and major live release to date. Beginning with the highly-regarded early albums of the 1970s, it continues through the hard rock hardships of the 1980s and the sometimes awkward musical dalliances of the 1990s, finishing on the unexpectedly triumphant return in the new millennium. It is now updated to include the band’s recent albums Somnia and The Future Never Waits.

The Author

Duncan Harris started as a music journalist and interviewer in the 1980s, writing for fanzines and magazines. He contributed to the Rough Guides to Music series and, until recently, maintained a long series of reviews for the website The Dreaded Press. One of his proudest achievements is to have interviewed graphic novel guru Alan Moore in the late 1980s, just after the rise of Watchmen. Amongst other subjects, Alan and Duncan had a long talk about Hawkwind. Duncan lives in Wiltshire with his adorable wife, dog Willow and two cats named Loki and Lilith.

Number of Pages: 192
Number of colour pictures: 46
ISBN: 9781789522907
Ebook ISBN:
UK retail price: £15.99
US retail price: $22.95


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