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Peter Richard Adams and Matt Pooler
UK retail price: £15.99
US retail price: $21.95

Britpop Decades covers the 1990s; the ten-years that witnessed the birth, boom and bust of Britpop. It was a period in which home-grown indie guitar music from across the UK went mainstream, pop stars were cut from the most unlikely of cloth, and British culture made its voice heard with some incredibly bombastic choruses. This was the era of Oasis versus Blur; the triumph of Pulp, Suede and Sleeper, plus the shorter-lived but essential contributions of Catatonia, Elastica, The La’s and many, many more.

Delving deep into the music that defined a decade, while focusing on thirty key albums that defined the movement, the book includes full band biographies, detailed track-by-track discussion, recommendations for further listening and some personal reminiscences by the authors who together came of age during the 90s.

The book also features a year-by-year review, highlighting all the key historical, cultural and pop-cultural changes that took place, making this is your guide to one of the most exciting, vibrant and sensational periods British music had witnessed since the 1960s.

The book offers a window into the decade for those that want to understand the time and a memory box for those that were there but had too much fun to remember it.

The Author

Peter Richard Adams is a London-based writer and musician. A contributor to various music journals (NME, Joyzine, Rhythm & Booze), he is also the writer of the comedy podcast Pod To Pluto. Matt Pooler is an avid music collector, based in Worcester, UK. The owner of thousands of albums, he regularly contributes reviews for various sites and publications. Together they came of age during the 90s and played in cult Britpop-inspired, noughties band AWWBLOT – And What Will Be Left Of Them?

Number of Pages: 240
Number of colour pictures: 42
ISBN: 9781789521696
Ebook ISBN:
UK retail price: £15.99
US retail price: $21.95


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