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Brian Eno in the 1970s


Gary Parsons
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Brian Eno is arguably one of the most influential musicians working in rock music. Starting out as a synthesizer peacock of the early glam rock era as a member of Roxy Music, Eno not only changed his look but his musical style throughout the seventies and moved from foot-stomping proto-punk anthems to the quiet introspection and inventor of ambient music, via solo records like Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) and Another Green World. Along the way, he became a much-in-demand producer working with the likes of Ultravox! and Talking Heads and also collaborated with David Bowie on three of the most important albums of Bowie’s career in Low, Heroes and Lodger. He also managed to blur the boundaries between rock and modern avant-garde classical music with the founding of his Obscure Records label.

Eno began this decade strutting his stuff onstage to Bryan Ferry's songs and finished it with the serene melodies of Music for Airports. As the decade progressed, he also managed to squeeze in a couple of albums with King Crimson's Robert Fripp as well as becoming part of the krautrock scene. This is Eno’s journey through the highs and occasional lows of this astonishing decade.

The Author

Gary Parsons is a filmmaker, film historian and a lecturer on film and is a MA graduate in film from Goldsmiths College London. He was a member of various bands from the mid-eighties until the mid-2000s and has been a music reviewer for over 15 years. He has been a big fan of Eno's music since he was 15 and even met him once, although Eno probably doesn't remember that. He lives in Beckenham, UK.

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UK retail price: £15.99
US retail price: $22.95


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