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Books for Music Fans

Sonicbond Publishing pride ourselves on the quality of its information, especially via our flagship On Track series. In particular, we are always happy to provide a starting point for new and inexperienced authors. All you need is some musical expertise and a vision!

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Sonicbond Publishing is a Music book publishing company dedicated to providing superbly researched books.

Sonicbond Publishing was founded in 2018 by Stephen Lambe. Stephen had spent most of his work career in the publishing industry, working for independent non-fiction publishers. During his time in the industry, Stephen learned the benefit of series-based publishing, allowing easier design and production without compromising on quality.

'On Track' and 'Decades' Series

Our publishing output focuses on the things that people value most - the art - and revolve around two series. 'On Track' focusing on music in all genres and 'Decades', zeroing in on a specific decade of an artist or band's existence.

Latest News

The Sonicbond Publishing Prog Rock Sampler

27 June 2024

Published in association with Prog Magazine.


Coming Soon...

Our books being released within the next 3 months.

On Track

With well over 100 titles now in print, the On Tracks are...


This series looks at a specific decade in the life of band...

Rock Classics

Coming in 2024! A deep dive into a specific best-selling...

Other Books

Alongside out series-based books, we have published...

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Rock Classics

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